Welcome to Aratus Software

We build the impossible

All our software is hand coded to perfection and hosted on some of the most reliable, and secure servers in the world

Why work with us

  • Our developers only use clean and valid code

  • All software we build undergoes through testing and trialling

  • We ensure everything we build is responsive, right down to the last character

  • We wont stop until you are happy with the final product

  • Security is our main priority! this is why we use some of the worlds most secure servers for hosting our software

  • Don’t just want your software to be browser based? Not to worry, we can build you a mobile app as well

News and Updates

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The Start of Apollo

With an initial project idea and a name it was time to start making Apollo a reality. Having used other ...
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The Story of Aratus- Where it all Began

Part 1: Where did it begin and who is Aratus? Aratus Software was founded in April 2015 by 5 directors ...
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